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One-to-One Coaching

Accelerate your life success
To attain remarkable success, one has to follow the right strategy. Whether you want to develop yourself, get rid of negative mindset or excel in your career, Kamal Coachversity offers the right tools & framework to propel your life with motivated mindset.

Dream Big | Think wise | Execute it with passion

You have huge potential to achieve whatever you want when you have clear roadmap to follow your dreams. Normally, people struggle when their dreams are not aligned with their core value and their identity.
Imagine how your life would be when you lead the life the way you like in all aspects of your life – in your career, relationship and personal life.
I like to play with your deep mind and understand you better and help you to find the purpose of your meaningful life.

My role is help you achieve the gap between your current progress and your desired result.
I am not going to lie here. I take only only limited appointments because I look only for Action takers and people who are committed and obsessed with their passion.

Do you agree the certain amount of Inputs(X) result in Output(Y)? I am not going to talk about Y now, the result can be anything but all you have to do is giving inputs(x) to produce Y. It might sound easier, but trust me, the factors like procrastination, laziness, mental obstacles prevent you in applying your Inputs(X).

Our session is included with NLP tools, you equipped with worksheets, assignments, goal setting, knowledge transition and make you aware of your inner strength.
My Success rate is not just based on you accomplish your result but how fast it occurs.
Remember, all you need is just mind shift and change in perception on how you see the world.

My expertise in Coaching helps you to wear different lens to view it and gain insights.

Bringing out the extraordinary person in you is the game that I’d like to play through Deep coaching session. Let me be honest here and reveal why I wanted to be in Coaching industry in first place.

Here, I make bold assumption that you would have researched about me and knew that I work in Corporate Industry (typical 9 hours job) and I take Coaching sessions out of my work hours (especially on weekends). I have never felt stressed or burnt out for working through out 7 days in a week.

And there is one and only reason for it. Hearing the success stories of my clients. During our conversation, you are enforced to open up and see various opportunities in front of you but somehow those opportunities are blocked in your hindsight.

When my clients tell me that they are complete and found what they lack, that’s when my real game starts and that’s how I’d like to play.

Here, You and I do not look for agreements but for Insights in our deep coaching sessions.

Pricing Plan

  • One-on-One Personal Life/Career/ Executive Coaching


  • Four 1-hour sessions over two months




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  • One-on-One Personal Life/Career/ Executive Coaching


  • Ten 1-Hour sessions over three months




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  • One-on-One Personal Life/Career/ Executive Coaching


  • Fifteen 1-hour sessions over six months




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You can connect with me for free 30 mins consultation to understand how my coaching frameworks for you.

This session would help meĀ  to assess how we could make this Coaching relationship works and take it to the next level.

Sounds fair enough?

I look for 5 Qualities in you
Are you ready to inspire or having an inspiring mission?
Are you ready to make big impact in this world?
Are you fun?
Do you bring Challenge?
Do you understand the power of committment? (Important)
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