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Dynamic Coach, Author, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

I focus on 2 things

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Services Offered

One to One

Get clarity about the current mental state and define your future by setting up challenging goals to improve and upgrade yourself to the best.

Group Coaching

Boost your Team morale by equipping your group with cutting-edge principles to understand the importance of Team work.

Life Coaching

Take control of your life by eliminating your limiting beliefs and find the core value of your life.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Get Teamed up with Kamal to understand the whole concept of entrepreneurship to take your start-up or existing business to next level.


Drive your audience to take action in your Sales copy of your product or service through persuasive language on print.

Sales Training

Increase your Sales % by equipping yourself with advanced selling strategies and techniques.

Featured Courses


Ideation is a well-designed learning curriculum intended to stimulate your brain’s limitless potential to generate ideas. 

You will experience life changing elevations in your career and personal growth by gaining ideation skill.


Take charge of your life by mastering mindblowing NLP Tools & techniques. Lay the strong foundation by learning NLP fundamentals and its advanced strategies to create excellent results in your life and career.

Are you ready to display new version of yourself to this world?


Thinking about quitting your dead end job? Or You desire to create additional revenue stream by launching your start-up? Get the complete Blueprint about Entrepreneurship that helps in generating your Big Idea, launch your product and position yourself as strong authority figure.


Transform your Persona into  Powerful selling machine by upgrading your Character, Attitude, Delivery and Influencing skill.

Selling your product or service becomes easy once you establish your personality and deliver the solution to your prospects.


Tailor-Made Coaching service

No scripts. You will be equipped with tools and techniques based on your goals and needs


Exclusive Contents

Join the ranks to gain access to comprehensive library of courses 


Life-Time Access

Allows you to navigate through the curriculum at your own pace. There are no deadlines or expiration dates!



Become an expert in the enrolled courses and earn a certificate with Kamal Coachversity

Become Unstoppable

Life is like walking inside the tunnel.

It can be dark, scary and very unpredictable.

But, you should realize that a Tunnel will have a way out where you can see bright light on the other side.

To have this wonderful experience, you have to keep walking forward and find a way out.

Most people get stuck inside the Tunnel, hesitate to move forward and scream for help. And, others are afraid to get inside your circle to take you out with them.

Be aware that your mind is active throughout the day. It is unstoppable. If you develop a strong will to find a way out, you will find it out – might not be today but definitely someday.

Then, you become a person to offer your help for others who are stuck inside the tunnel.

Take Action Right Now

Client Testimonials

I have learned great insights from Kamal Coaching. He was precise to the point and dare to ask RIGHT Question to challenge my status quo. His Coaching style was fun and though-provoking. After breakthrough session with Kamal, I started to handle every situation with great confidence henceforth.


I felt my career growth was stopped due to my mindset. And that’s when I reached out to Kamal for guidance. He inspired me to take action every day and he followed up on every session about the outcome of each assignment. I never knew I had so much of potential in me to take up new assignment and finishing it. I always feel motivated to get into his session and set challenging goals for myself.


Kamal is very clear on one thing. i.e Keeping me accountable for my tasks. It didn’t appear like I signed him up but vice versa. During my journey with Kamal’s coaching,  I encountered with many ‘AHA’ moments and I was driven passionately to achieve my goals. He is definitely a rare one in the Marketplace.



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