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Accelerate your life success

To attain remarkable success, one has to follow the right strategy. Whether you want to develop yourself, get rid of negative mindset or excel in your career, Kamal Coachversity offers the right tools & framework to propel your life with motivated mindset.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

The probability of winning team’s mission becomes higher when you have unstoppable goal-oriented team. You can achieve this through conducting group coaching for them. Kamal’s expertise in Team coaching in Corporate for more than 10 years, bring new perspective to you and your group.

When the group is actually challenged with questions that one is dare to ask, it creates a spark and it unleashes the superpower in your team.

If one Star performer can bring massive result and shows increased productivity consistently, then imagine having group of star performers in your group.

Your Sales, Revenue and productivity skyrocket to the roof.

Group coaching allows participants to share the obstacles equally based on their strengths and propels the team to move towards your mission.

The secret of yielding skyrocketed revenue lies when every members in your team sharing the same vision and working towards it. But, the problem occurs when each individual miss their individual target due to several reasons – Lack of skill, disengaged at work, low morale etc.

Kamal’s hybrid coaching style helps participants to have self-awareness and let them know they can work well together,¬† achieve much more than individuals.

Result cannot be produced without Challenging the Status Quo.

Keep challenging the participants and set new benchmarks are my favourites in group coaching.

My Coaching does not stop in listening to the participants problem, clearing the obstacles, make them aware of strength but being a result-oriented person, I focus more on how the participants bring value to the company.

Here’s sneek peek at what you get when you signup for group coaching program

  • ¬†Tailor-made group coaching program that will ultimately connect each individual member with everyone in group (so that everyone works as cohesive unit)
  • Participants continue to feel motivated and inspired throughout the coaching journey
  • Enable participants into action – Roleplays, worksheets, activities etc.
  • Robust approach to hit milestones and see measurable result as Individuals progress towards bigger goals

Typically, group coaching program runs for 3-6 months based on the team’s mission.

Bottomline, if you are looking to achieve huge result for your team rapidly, then you won’t go wrong by signing up this program.



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