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Persuade on Print

Drive your audience to take action in your Sales copy of your product or service through persuasive language on print.

Are you wondering why your product or service is not getting real attention despite taking right actions in marketing?


Sales do not happen just like that easily and so, it is considered as Highly paid TOUGH job.

When Sales Pro find hard to close the prospect through talking at times, then think about the effort you need to put, to close a sale in writing.

And, it is no rocket science if you know how to persuade your readers ethically through writing by embedding right keywords about your product in your Sales Copy.

Imagine, if you talk to your friend and share a similar story or problem. You get connected in the conversation (sometimes immersed in it) and be open for feedback.

This is the strategy behind every copywriting. Your copywriting should connect with your audience, share the similar problem and provide value that can make their life better and easier.

There can be 2 reasons if your product doesn’t get high conversion ratio in your marketing campaign-

  1. Your marketing tactics might have failed you (or)
  2. You fail to articulate your story, prospect’s problem and benefits of your product in the right context

My focus is on the 2nd reason where Entrepreneurs and Online Marketers fail to hook audience with their words. There can be several reasons that readers skip your content. My expertise in copywriting will help you in winning your customers and persuade your audience to take action in your landing page or ad campaign.

Whether you are writing for your landing page or ad campaign, you will have one common goal in it. i.e To Sell your product (or) service.

Influencing people through words demands more and one cannot do that easily.

Nowadays, Readers are really clever and they can understand what is your real intent behind your hard-selling tactics, either through words or face-to-face conversation.

Don’t you feel great if your copy becomes traffic-sucking profit machine? And, here I am to make it possible.

Remember this, Words are free but it has ability to earn huge for your business. Most online entrepreneurs have dreams about getting a great deal of traffic and sales. And, their efforts are wasted when they do not project their remarkable idea through words.

I started loving this copywriting service after get trained in Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic selling method and I discovered the secret of persuasive writing. Copywriting isn’t about flaunting your vocabulary to your audience but to make them to take action.

If I make you to read this page until this sentence, than I succeeded in capturing your attention.

Below are the major highlights of my copywriting service –

  • Capture your fascinating story
  • Eye-catching ads with product description
  • Original and neatly-structured copy with essentials
    • Headlines
    • Customer-focused message
    • Unique positioning
    • Search Engine optimization
  • Make readers to click the CTA button

If I could make your Sales copy into money-making engine for your business, would you be interested?

My Copywriting service includes


Product Page


Lead-gen landing page


Banner Ad or Text Ad


Article & Blog Post


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