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Stay Fit in Night Shift


Stay Fit in Night Shift

The Comprehensive guide to transform your Corporate body to Cover model physique

Forget about gaining unnecessary body weight due to night shift work and not to worry about lack of motivation to begin your fitness journey. Because once you know the “Stay Fit in Night Shift” secrets inside this exciting guide, you’ll never again have to worry about it.

That’s because, “Stay Fit in Night Shift” is a detailed, step-by-step, no-fluff blueprint which will show you exactly how to get a Killer physique. Just imagine

No more big belly

No more Skinny body

And never again will you have to deal with Negative mindset

Go ahead, imagine how you’ll feel when you finally accomplish your fitness goal and get a six pack abs. Just imagine you have an aesthetic physique that everyone can admire of. And just think of what your Friends, family and colleagues will say once they see you hitting gym with extreme passion level.

Stay Fit in Night shift” is exactly what you need to achieve your fitness goal. It can be Weight loss or Muscle gain. In fact, it’s the easiest way I know to get a cover-model physique – and that says a lot, because I’ve tried almost every method out there.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get:

Muscle confusion program consists of Negative reps, High reps & Supersets

Surefire Blueprint workout plan for 90 days

Training plan included with 350+ exercises

Know your calorie intake value based on your fitness goal

NLP Technique to kick-start your day

Finally, this book makes you a master in preparing your own XMC workout plan after completion of 90 days to maintain your physique for long term.


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